52 hectares in bordeaux AOC

at 7 km from ST Emilion, 15 km to Libourne, 30km from Bordeaux

45 hectares of  vines;30 in red;15 in white

7 hectares of wood and meadow

 1000 M² from the building

A fascinating principal house consist of 5 bedrooms 2 bathroom 2 living room and kitchen

A appartment  at the corner of the property 2 bedrooms , kitchen and a bathroom 


All is in perfect condition

The chais is all the material necessary fo the production of vine , tank in inox and in concrete could stock as much as 6000 hectolitre put in the bottles on the spot

3 people work full time

Yearly production 3 mark register

900 hectolitre in white

1500 hectolitre in red