In Libournais, 5km from Saint-Emilion, which borders on a common Pomerol, in the heart of the most prestigious terroirs of the world. 15mn from Libourne TGV station and 1 hour from Bordeaux airport.

This region, Lalande de Pomerol is located on one of the paths that led to Saint Jacques de Compostela. There were built shelters, hospices and Commanderies, including the Church of Lalande church “Hospital” from the 12th S.


The property is spread over 22 hectares including 21ha are devoted to vines. It is situated on a plateau adjacent to Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. The vineyard, very well maintained, is in one piece. The quality of the terroir is exceptional: it is a sandy clay soil, lying on a carpet of filth iron to produce powerful wines bouquet and soft.


• A house made of stone, decorated with masks. Ground floor of a high floor with beautiful pieces. Area of ??approximately 400m2. Complete renovation. • A large Chai: Divided into 3 parts A stone house for office, an entrance, a large desk, an archive room.

Vineyards Appellation: Lalande de Pomerol.

The vineyard is in perfect condition.

Production: 900 120 000 hectoliters about bottles per year. Traditional vinification: aging in barrels.

Wine: attentive care and careful vinification and wine that are informed regularly medalist and quoted by the press is very popular in France and abroad.

Marketing: Marketed primarily in bottles, some individuals and a large part abroad.

Stock: 80 000 bottles + 1600 + magnums bulk.