22 hectares

Ref : BORDEAUX 008

Wine Production 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Organic wine property of an 22ha38 Total area located between the two seas to 45 minutes from Bordeaux


Vineyard Property  Organic

 Wine property of one tenant 18 Hectares 50 of wine BIO  thickness 4000 to 52 feet with chai and divelling house certify BIO starting from 2011

 Total surface of the property  22 Hectares 38

Area between two seas at 45 minutes from Bordeaux


The wine property comprise

One inhabited  house compose of

A ground floor is about  148 m² has an entrance , kitchen a large living , lounge office heating place

An upstairs about 88 m² three bedrooms a large water room a fitting room  and an attic about 25 m²

The other building

A swimming pool  4 X 8 by 1, 50 m deeps

A building of exploitation have use of dependence ajoining the divelling house

A shed for materials with a work shop and a local stoking with phyto-sanitary products


A chai divide in three parts

1)   vinification with seven tanks half buried totally close to 1200 hectolitres thanks in steel ( 100 hecto) and the tanks underground for 800 hectolitres surface 180 m²

2 )  stoking for the bottles in a surface 120 m²

3 ) the cellar bury for stoking the cask for a surface of 120m²

A pond to recuperate water of the chai 140 m ²

Vineyard   Surface 18 hectares 53 a 81    AGE  15 /20 years

AOP Bordeaux  Red

15 hectares 11 a 31 ca

Merlot                            62  %

Cabernet Sauvignon     21 %

Cabernet Franc             17 %


AOP Bordeaux White

3 hectares 42 a 50 ca

Sauvignon                  63 %

Semillion                    30%

Muscadelle                  7%


Another piece of land  3 hectares 84 a 45 ca garden , walley wood kitchen garden

Material everything is fine for this property