Representing Saint Martin Real Estate Properties Since 1981

Two small French islands in the Caribbean Sea Saint Martin Saint Barthélemy are situated North of Guadeloupe and Martinique, and close to the U.S.A.

Two tropical insular confetti where the sweetness of life reigns.

Our real estate agency is present in Saint Martin since 1981. Sun the whole year round, it is always summer even at wintertime.

Saint Martin is a light of exception, artists say, with its gorgeous palettes of blues and greens, and nothing else in the horizon but ocean and sea. Many characteristics has this island gem such as natural charm, romantic idyllic climate, thirty (30) beaches with fine sand, ethnic diversity, a double French and Dutch sovereignty.

You can find internationally-known hotels, a delight in life close to the “ideal”, from the most luxurious of restaurants to the lolos and … exceptional properties.

Our vocation is to share this unusual happiness and beauty with discretion and availability.

Many of you are looking for a place to live differently. We, the Saint Martin Estate Agency, we know that it is a personal step, a genuine life project, and that is why we respect and protect our clients, giving them allof our attention and support.We work with renowned professionals and try to build trust because we know how difficult it is to fulfill one’s “dream”.

Please  note:
the  size  of  our portfolios,  we  are  not  able  to  post  all  of  our  properties  on  this  website.  If   you  do not  see  anything you  like,  let  us  know  as  we  may  still  have  what you  are  looking  for.  For  more information  on  purchasing  real  estate  in  Maarten  .  Please  do not  hesitate  to  email  us  for  any assistance or  questions  you  have.