Villa SM117

Incredible property comprising a Master villa, a bungalow and a house manager on 2 acres of land located at the foot of the cliff birds facing the island of Anguilla

Incredible  property of  5 ACRES  of land  situated at the foot of  «  THE CLIFF OF BIRD «

Facing the Island of Anguilla

Constructed in 2004 / 2005 this property composed  of  3 houses and one bungalow                                               


1 ) The Master villa  of        7  Bed –  Rooms

2 ) The Pigeon –Hole with   3 Bed –  Rooms

3 ) The Director Villa  with  3 Bed – Rooms

4 ) one Bungalow with         1 Bed –  Room


1 ) The master Villa  with  7 Bed –  Rooms  and  9   Bathrooms  , 1 Kitchen 60 M2 + office 18 M2  arrangements Americain style , a dinning Room 80M2  , a living Rooms 80 M2 a tele-cinema room 27 M2  and it is totally open by sliding glass doors which is facing the terrace also there is a large extensive swimming pool  130 M2 with a reflect of the BLUE TURQUOISE SEA   a PARADISE ON  EARTH


The 7 bedrooms are all oriental with a panoramic towards the sea

4 bedrooms ( which one with the children section and individual bath room ) on the first level with these terraces ajoint cowered of  484 M2 non cowered 609 M2 in the middle of a tropical plant , a bar a Jacuzzi , all together with the shades of blue , green and as we walk down a few steps , there are 3 other bedrooms in another style in a greenery scene still facing the sea , a cinema hall and a small kitchen that invite you to go up the steps and have a cup of coffee

Between the two part of the setting sun these bedrooms has exactly living rooms on the outside ,a bar 20M2 and all the invited guess of farnient

The decoration is design from American film, nothing is lift by chance , the Americans has a serviceable care and knows how to modernize things , the arrangements of the kitchen is better than a fine star restaurant

The panorama is for you to cut the blast , you are outside of time

These is small house of three bedrooms not as small as you would say , a dinning room with an  ajoint  kitchen American style perfectly arrange which is 100 M2 , a bedroom for a couple and a small bedroom for a child which is 100 M2


2 ) The other bedrooms with there bathrooms 30 M2 overlooking by a swimming pool inside surrounded with tropical flowers and a green scenery

A secure and fascination beauty in the tropics


3 ) The director House

3 bedrooms  with bath rooms each one is 25 M2 a kitchen 25 M2 well equip a terrace one covered and the other not covered , a very large pool surrounded with tropical flowers

On the outside of the house there is an office for the director who mange the property and he rents it for weekly vacation


4) At the bottom of the garden is a small cosy bungalow with a bedroom , bathroom and a small kitchen


The surface pieces of the Master villa and annexe


First level

1 )The master bedroom 25 M2 dressing room 15 M2 bathroom 32 M2 a child room in a corridor

Which is 4 M2

2 ) bedroom  22 M2 , 10 M2 dressing room + 10M2 bathrooms

3 ) bedroom  22 M2 , 10 M2 dressing room + 14 M2 bathroom

4 ) bedroom  26 , 5 M2 , 10 M2 dressing room  + batb + room 10 M2 + child bath 5, 30 M2


The second level

5 ) bedroom 20 M2 + barth 6 + 3 M2

6 ) bedroom 25 M2 + bath 7 , 5 M2

7 ) bedroom 25 M2 + bath  6 M2



Air condition in all the rooms and salon , kitchen , alarm system , videophone ,  huge generator , a large cistern with fresh water


SURFACE COVERED                   813 M2

TERRACES COVERED                 484 M2