Aix en Provence 013

170 Hectares of one tenant

47  hectares of vineyard + 13  hectares in renting  100 hectares of wood and in the park

A magnificient property a very large potential at350 m d altitude

A Castle of 13 e and 17 e century about 1000m² divide in 30 pieces habitable , altogether construction this property Castle its dependence represent about  4000 m²

At the spectacular  entrance outlet on a stairway constructing in 1660  by the owner and the Consul of Aix and the Public Prosecutor of the King in the Provence

The pieces itself success in the dimension habitable and confortable

The Castle is isolated from loal exploitation and the personal housings , wine cellar for sampling at a yard opening towards the garden enclosed at Italian and a park

100 m by the Castle is a Mas with a garden and swimming pool occupy by the family of the owner

6 personal housings between 120 and 250 m²

The estate is found near by all the communication road

 30  minutes away from Marseille airport

 20 minutes from TGV

2 hours away from Nice

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