Villa SM118

10 000 m²
Villa 5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom

Luxury Residence, 5 bedrooms representing about 1300 M2 + TERRACES on a plot of 1 hectare

On 1 hectare of land (10 000 m2) or 2, 4 acres   between the Caribbean Sea and the Lagoon this property was built by the most talented avant-garde architect of the island, Mister Lanari Mauricio, this artist who knows how to combine “today and tomorrow”, a perfect art for which lie is the grand Master in Saint Martin today. He followed all the whimsical outline of the land, and has made this site one of the most beautiful property on the island.

The blend of talents with the owner contributed to the magic and uniqueness of these premises. In each  of this property, unique objects and pieces, signed by the greatest name on the planet, bedside tables from Hermès of an extremely refined taste, hand-made leather carpets out of this world, silk carpets, mirrors from Philippe Stakck, collector’s objects, Masterpiece paintings, bedspreads from Kenzo, from the interior to the exterior everything is in harmony, everything is an enchantment, a discovery, it is great ART “of flawlessness, of the exceptional, it is elegant.

Between Sea and Lagoon this prestigious dwelling is composed of 5 bedrooms dressing, interior bathroom and an exterior shower-room in the garden amidst tropical flowers, it is very attractive and surprising of each bedroom has its color co-ordinated in the slightest detail in an atmosphere of great chic and very generous, I is an astonishment unceasingly renewed in each room, the are of each room is about 35 m².

A entirely white Master bedroom, very zen, very fashionable, very refined of 55 m²2 with exceptional decoration, a pearl chest of drawers, a bathroom with tub, shower room equipped with all the accessories of the latest balneo from Phillipe Stakck, everything facing a delirious flowered garden, an enchantment, it is magical, it is sometimes unexpected.

An adjoining room of 10 m² fit up as an ultramodern office with a Picasso painting.

A Sitting-room in two parts of 90 m² , a music part that you can have in the entire house or in this room only according to your mood of the moment, a relaxation part with collector’s unique pieces, ivory elephants, precious objects from the entire world, a collection of African masks, each more beautiful than the other, you will   paintings from the Russian painter Chagal in the toilets, it is an astonishment, from it pervades

This atmosphere of unquestionable relaxing well-being, with THE BLUE SEA in transparency and back drop.

The kitchen, worthy of a starred large restaurant equipped with ultramodern stainless steel material as it is seen in the United States, a piano with an unheard of tap, a marble work table, incredible kitchen accessories, a cold storage room, refrigerators, an ice machine for a restaurant (it is truth  that the owner has organized parties of 300 persons), innumerable plates and dishes , everything is in the largest sizes. Everything is extremely luxurious.

A 60 m2 dining room very design with wooden table specially conceived for 12 people, extremely rare objects, an atmosphere very art deco, a white leather couch, plexiglass shelves from Italy, luminaries signed Philippe Starck, an atmosphere of extreme luxury, extreme comfort, a delight, much emotion again and always with THE BLUE SEA as a back drop.

All these rooms described face terraces and the generous-sized swimming-pool, surrounded by a garden planted in very rare plants, swimming-pool chairs, decoration signed by the greatest name  and for the comfort of everyone, facing the sea directly on the beach, a beach of fine sand on the Caribbean side and with the Island of Anguilla as a back drop, offering the lighting effects of the Arabian lights At is A DREAM.

In the basement you will find a 150 m2 storage room, the technical room, and a liners room.

A 120 m2 game room and gym equipped with the most sophisticated machines, a billiard, a TV and film projection area , everything decorated of unique pieces from China and elsewhere, paintings, collector’s furniture, even in the sports room the decoration is guaranteed!!!

A 35 m2 massage and SPA room with wood from Sri Lanka, an atmosphere of well-being is awaiting you.

In one part of the property, there are 3 apartments for the staff and office for the steward representing about300 m2 of construction in all.

A tennis court is and an area fit up for guests and spectators.

The entire garden is properly covered with trees and rare tropical flowers, orchids, roses, exceptional white porcelain roses, bougainvillea, alpinia, jasmine, all kinds of uncommon Caribbean flowers and trees.

the property is properly fenced in and equipped with an electric gaie, cameras are positioned everywhere on the property, supervision and absolute security, without forgetting that at the entrance of Baie Rouge, there is a 24/24 guard.

The constructed part of the house represents about 1 300 M2 + TERRACES

No, you are not mistaken, you are in an Art Museum “THE DREAM“.